Why Human Trainers Will Always Be Better Than Fitness Apps And Dvds

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These days it seems as if everybody wants to get physically fit. This has led to a proliferation of exercise-related goods and services, such as online fitness coaching, fitness apps, and workout DVDs. All these services have their pros and cons, but there are things that a human physical trainer can still do better than the virtual services. Here are a few examples of such things:

Pushing You to Your Limits

Using your fitness app or workout DVD without a human input may limit your abilities and workout. For example, many exercise DVDs will tell you to start easy and work your way up. What it may fail to show you, however, is how fast you should increase your rate of exercise (such as number of reps or distance for running). Even if it does, the suggested rate of progression may be too slow for you. What if you can do more than 12 reps of an exercise after a month or so, yet the videos are still restricting you to that rate? If you have a person training you, they can push you to your limits and help you maximize the benefits of the workout.

Evaluating Your Workouts and Progress

Regular evaluation of your exercise regime is integral to your success. A personal trainer will help you see where you are going wrong, where you need to improve, and any variations you can add to your regular routines. Besides, you can't lie to your trainer about your progress and get away with it, but you can easily lie to an app or a DVD. Many fitness apps may be designed to allow for customization, but they aren't set up to accept all the inputs that a human being may take into account while training you.

Motivating You

Physical exercise isn't easy, which is why many people need to be motivated first. For some people, even going to the gym is a problem without motivation. An app may not motivate you to finish your reps, continue exercising even when you "can't see the results" or exercise even when the weather is terrible. If you have a professional personal trainer helping you, they will see to it that you don't quit prematurely.

Preventing Injuries

Lastly, you should know that physical exercise has its risks, and one of these risks is physical injury. You can sprain a joint, tear a ligament or even bruise yourself unnecessarily if you aren't careful. If you are using an app or a DVD, you may think that you are doing something right even if you are only injuring yourself. A personal trainer will take into account different issues such as your health, body size, exercising surface, and weather, among others, to ensure that you don't injure yourself.