Tips For Choosing A Spot On The Floor Before A Yoga Class

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When you arrive to a yoga class just a handful of minutes before it is set to begin, you'll commonly find that a number of fellow students have already set up their mats. As such, your options for where to get set up may be limited. However, if you make a habit of getting to the studio early, one of the perks that you'll enjoy is getting to choose a perfect spot on the floor to unroll your mat. It may seem as though the location doesn't matter, given that you can see the instructor from everywhere, but this isn't necessarily true. Here are some tips for choosing a spot on the floor.

Don't Go Too Close To The Wall

If you're shy, you might immediately think about setting up near the back of the room or toward either side. That's OK, but you shouldn't make the mistake of putting your mat too close to the wall. You'll find that the wall can interfere with your ability to perform a wide range of poses, and especially those in which you extend your arms — for example, the side plank pose. You should always pull your mat away from the wall and consult the instructor for exact guidance on the appropriate distance, based on the type of yoga class you're taking.

Consider Your Proximity To The Door

There can be pros and cons to positioning your mat near the door of the yoga studio. For example, if you drank a lot of water at lunch and anticipate having to leave to use the bathroom for a minute, being close to the door will be less disruptive. On the other hand, if you're someone who really wants to get immersed in the experience and focus exclusively on your instructor, a close proximity to the door can be problematic because people arriving late will distract you.

Evaluate Your Aptitude

One of the nice things about attending a yoga class compared to practicing with a video online is that you'll receive assistance when you need it. Think about your level of aptitude with the particular type of yoga that you'll be practicing. If you're a beginner and hope for some assistance with different poses, a position near where the instructor will be set up is ideal. This way, he or she can quickly assist you without having to walk across the room to do it.