Lose Fat And Retain Muscle With These Core Bodybuilding Lifts

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Exercise and weight loss is a complicated procedure. If you are someone who has had difficulty losing fat and maintaining muscle, then you're probably at your wits end with how to design an optimal exercise program. Crash dieting can lead to weight loss, but it is not the type of weight loss that most people are looking for. What normally ends up happening is that you either stall and stop losing weight on a diet program, or else you end up losing weight but it's a combination of both fat and muscle — which is not ideal. This means that what you should do is design a plan that incorporates losing weight and focusing on muscle maintenance. This article is going to help you do that by outlining important bodybuilding lifts that will help you maintain your muscle mass while on a calorie restricted diet. 

The Squat: Use A Power Rack

The squat is one of the key lifts you need to have in your weekly workout regimen. Squatting is one of the most natural movements, and when you apply weight to it, you will get to activate a huge number of muscles. Most importantly you will get to activate the quadriceps, which are the large muscles of the legs. With the squat, you also get to activate the core muscles in your body that stabilize your body during the movement. The important thing to remember when you squat is that you want to have a safety apparatus in place. This is why most good exercise gyms will have a squat rack or power cage. These will allow you to place safety bars around waist height. The safety bars allow you to squat down and, should you be unable to raise up again, they will catch the weight if you happen to fall. 

The Deadlift : Make Sure To Get Proper Training 

The deadlift is another exercise that utilities an enormous amount of muscles in your body. The advantage to doing the deadlift is that you get to use an enormous amount of muscles in a short amount of time. You can exercise the traps, the quads, the glutes, as well as smaller muscles such as the triceps and sternomastoid muscles. The most important thing about the deadlift is that you need to make sure you are performing it correctly. This means taking instruction from a program that is designed to teach beginners. A deadlift program that is specially designed for beginners is going to be ideal. The information that you find in this program is great because it will teach you how to lift without hurting your back, which is a major problem. A deadlift for beginners program will give you a point-by-point breakdown on how to safely lift a huge weight and maintain muscle mass. Search for a deadlift program like Hashi Mashi for more information.