Swimming Is Not The Only Full-Body Exercise

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Swimming is often touted as a good full-body exercise. You work multiple muscles in your arms, legs, and core just by swimming around. But although it may be the full-body exercise that people talk about most often, swimming is not the only full-body exercise. If you're looking for some more creative ways to get a full-body workout, here are some top choices.

Aerobic Dance

Most dancing is a full-body exercise, but you're not going to raise your heart rate very much by slow-dancing or waltzing. Aerobic dance, on the other hand, is designed to really get your heart pumping. You can find workouts set to basically any kind of music, from rock to hip hop, which really helps keep you motivated and engaged. Some aerobic dance routines may be designed to target a specific part of the body, like the core or the legs, but even these workouts will work the rest of your body, to some degree, as well.


Rowing is often seen as an upper-body workout, but that reference is mainly a comparison to running and biking, which primarily use the lower body. The truth is, you use your lower body and core when rowing, too. They keep you stable in the boat as you row. You can get an excellent workout just rowing a kayak or canoe down the river or through a lake. If you don't have access to water, you can instead use a rowing machine. It's not quite as entertaining as the real thing, but it's still a good workout, and you can do the whole thing sitting down!

Rope Climbing

Rope climbing may not be the most common exercise, but it is an excellent form of exercise to try if you can find a gym that has a climbing rope. You could even hang a knotted rope from the tree in your backyard to make your own climbing rope. You use your arms to hold yourself up, your legs to support your body weight, and your core to stabilize you as you climb higher and higher. Most people feel the burn after just one climb the first time, but your stamina will build quickly.

If you're looking for a full-body workout, you have options other than swimming. Try rowing, climbing a rope, or participating in an aerobic dance class set to music you love. Your body — all parts of it — will thank you for the effort you put in.

For more information on full-body exercises, contact a local fitness professional.